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PM's 2016 Plumbing Contractor of the Year: S & D Plumbing

Sam Dowdy Sr.has stewarded S & D Plumbing for 35 years, and he now oversees the second generation of his family to run the business: his sons, Sam Jr.and Dan Dowdy, whose more

Common Issues With Water Heaters

You depend on your water heater to give you hot showers to wake you up in the morning. It is also essential for getting hot water in the kitchen sink and laundry machines. Without it, you and the rest of your family are likely going to be incredibly inconvenienced. You should never have to settle for a malfunctioning water heater when replacements and repairs are easy to get. You just need to be aware of the signs that you require a plumbing job.

The most common sign you are going to see with a faulty water heater is temperature problems. You will know a problem is present when you are unable to get heated water anywhere in your house. However, another issue that is just as likely to occur is getting water that is far too hot. If you notice any variations in the quality of heat you are able to get, then you may need to call a plumber to check your heater out. The heating element of your device may need to be swapped out, or the thermostat may just need to be adjusted.

Although most people will contact a plumber when temperature issues arise, you also need to be watchful if there are any bizarre noises coming from your heater. Noises that sound like knocks, bangs or creaks need to be checked out immediately. Most of the time, the sounds are the result of sediment deposits building up and then banging around inside your unit. Another culprit to water heater noises is that the heating element is slowly wearing down. If this is the cause, then you need to take that as a sign that the element needs to be completely replaced.

A well-made water heater should be functional for quite some time, but as heaters get old, they begin to wear down. There may be no other option than to get it completely replaced in order to ensure the proper flow of hot water throughout your building. If you have had your water heater for 15 or 20 years, then it may be time to consider a replacement. Another big problem you should watch out for is if your heater is leaking. Any detected leaks should be brought to the attention of a professional plumber right away.

By being mindful of everything in your home, you will know when a problem arises and needs to be handled efficiently. For effective water heater repair in Santa Cruz, check out this website.

Bathroom Designs

If you are considering getting a remodeling job done to your bathroom, you need to think about what types of fixtures you want along with any design patterns you would like. 

What to Do When Your Business Plumbing Starts to Leak

In order to have a successful business, you need to regularly ensure that every aspect of the company is working as it should. Not only does that include making sure employees are doing their job, but you need to make sure your plumbing is working effectively. Any leaks need to be immediately addressed so that you do not see a loss in revenue.

Turn Off Water Source

Whether a sink or other fixture is leaking fluids, you need to shut it off immediately. If it is still leaking, then you need to shut down the main water supply in your business. Someone at the company should know where that is located.

Remove Electric Items From Area

If there are any appliances or outlets near the leak, make sure they are unplugged or turned off. This will reduce the chances of a serious injury occurring.

Call a Plumber

No matter how handy you might think you are with tools, it is preferable to have an expert come to your property to handle the situation. This will give you peace of mind that the problem is being dealt with by a professional.
Leaks can make the work environment bad for employees and dangerous to customers. You can view this website to learn more about getting commercial plumbing in Castroville. 

Dress Up Your Sink

Adding some color and a few legs can make your sink stand out, even if you don’t have room for a showy cabinet. Painting exposed plumbing is a great way to dress up your sink.

Three Benefits of Hydrojetting

Slow or clogged drains can develop quickly or over a period of time. Chemical drain cleaners are made of toxic substances and only provide a partial solution.Consider these three benefits of hydrojetting for your slow or clogged drains:

1. Nontoxic and Safe on Pipes

Hydrojetting uses water pressure rather than chemicals to dislodge clogs and dissolve buildup.Commercial cleaners are dangerous if inhaled, splashed, or spilled.Because of their caustic nature, they are extremely hard on the inside of your pipes.These substances can be responsible for degrading the inner surfaces of your pipelines, which can mean costly replacements.Hydrojetting uses only water to clear lines, which is safer and healthier for both your home and family.

2. Cuts Through Tough Clogs

Because this method relies on hot water applied at a pressure of around 7000 pounds per square inch, it is extremely effective at cutting through tough clogs and years of buildup.Grease and other debris are dissolved and the interior of the lines is effectively scoured of years of sediments.

3. Lasting Solution

Since hydrojetting clears buildup completely from the pipes, it is unlikely that you will experience a recurrence of the problem.When the residue is thoroughly removed, nothing is left to attract future deposits.For more information about hydrojetting in Carlsbad, please visit this website.