Thursday, 18 February 2016

4 Common Problems With Water Heaters

When something goes wrong with your hot water, it is time to have a look at your water heater. Sometimes the issue can be with the source water and not the heater. Gas and electric heaters work differently, so it is important to understand the difference and the kinds of things that can happen with each variety.

First, if you aren’t getting enough hot water, there could be several issues causing it. You may need a larger hot water tank to meet your needs, particularly if there are several members of your family who use a substantial amount of warm water for showers or baths. Some people find that a high-flow shower head is the culprit, and it may be an option to switch to a lower flow shower head. The issue may be with the temperature controls, so check to be sure those are working properly. Finally, check for leaks.

Second, the water coming from your heater may be excessively hot. If you adjust the hot water on your faucet and this still has not made a difference, there may be a malfunctioning of the temperature controls. If the thermostat dial is adjusted at a normal level, then the heater may not be turning off properly. This could be the result of a problem with the temperature pressure relief valve. A professional should solve this problem, because it could cause burns and be potentially hazardous.

Third, if the water is discolored, brown and has an odor, make sure it is only the hot water and not a problem with the water’s source. If you determine that only the hot water is affected, a common reason may be the interaction between the heater’s anode rod and water with a high sulfite concentration. It may go away if you let the hot water run or flush out the tank. Alternatively, the anode rod might need replacing.

Fourth, if there are knocks and noises coming from your hot water tank, it could be due to the expanding and contracting of parts in the tank or hard water deposits. This can be a harmless but annoying problem. To prevent the buildup of such minerals, install an anode rod or have it replaced. The tank should be flushed out now and again to keep it free of calcium deposits.

Some problems with your heater can be resolved with replacement parts or regular maintenance, but many issues require a professional. For more information about water heater replacement in Vista, click through this website.

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